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Can Tho Raincraft: Building Blue-Green Campus through Minecraft

Can Tho is a central city of the Mekong Delta and one of the regions seriously affected by climate change. Therefore, this requires a quick action plan from the city side to find out solutions to adapt to the current situation. Can Tho Raincraft Pilot is one of the efforts that give Can Tho students the opportunity to contribute their ideas to this renovation activity. The program will direct students to nature-based solutions through training series on relevant topics, working directly with domestic and foreign experts and building up creative solutions in the Minecraft platform. The campus, Can Tho University (CTU), will be used as a pilot model for the whole city due to its topographical characteristics and obvious manifestations due to the impact of climate change and urban planning.

In this project, The Water Agency plays a key role in developing project content and engaging stakeholders while DRAGON-Mekong Institute is the governing body as well as professional consultant for the project.

Program Objectives

With this program, we focus on engage students in renovating Can Tho University (CTU) public spaces to be more sustainable and friendly for beneficiaries through Minecraft, while also raise students’ awareness about climate change and water issues based on urban design- blue-green infrastructure.

Program Timeline

The Can Tho Raincraft program was set-up as a 2-month program covering key topics such as climate change, water drainage and supply system, water and waste management, climate-resilient urban development and Blue-Green Infrastructure.

The whole journey is divided into two phases: learning and co-design competition. The participants have joined in 4 workshops with the topics above. After that, they will have three weeks to work with their teammates to co-design a model in CTU Map Minecraft which supports CTU to be more resilient to the climate change impacts. In the end of the program, they will present their model directly in Minecraft and get voted on social media and judged by our jury board. The winning team with the suitable model will work with experts to develop that model in a more professional way and that model will be included in CTU’s development plan.

Currently, the program is in the Learning phase. Participants had the opportunity to meet and discuss directly with experts on water supply and drainage issues as well as the actual situation at CTU. They also participated in activities to identify the problem and initially develop ideas for their model.

This pilot project will have success and many creative models from participants, thereby creating a premise for The Water Agency to continue building the official Can Tho Raincraft Project early next year in 2023.